ON DEMAND courses

People in a company class

We know that each company represents a small world with its own culture and our corporate Clients often ask us for a course that not only teaches the language they need to learn or improve, but that we also do it in a context that encompasses a vocabulary and topics that are oriented towards the different functions of each employee and to the different areas of work.

Therefore, it is extremely important to have a meeting with our consultants who will note and understand their needs and goals and then, together with the Director of Studies and Didactic Coordinators, prepare a course proposal that is entirely designed having you and your employees in mind.

As the English language is the most popular, we present several courses in specific areas. These are shorter courses created for those who already are at an intermediate linguistic level and want to deepen their knowledge in a work area or an industry.


Industry specific area course

Specific Area Courses

English for Aviation 
English for Construction 
English for the Energy Industry 
English for the Fashion Industry 
English for the Pharmaceutical Industry 
English for the Hospitality Industry 
English for the world of Football 
English for Telecommunications and Technology English for Cabin Crew
English for the Automotive Industry 

Specific Area Courses Professions

Specific Area Courses

English for Accounting
English for Customer Service
English for Civil Engineering
English for Human Resources
English for Legal Professionals (Legal English)
English for Marketing and Advertising
English for Trading and Sales

People socializing on a course

Specific Area Courses

English for Writing (emails, reports, letters...)
English for Meetings
English for International Negotiations
English for Presentations
English for Socialization
English for Phone Calls and Emails
English for Intercultural Communication