ONLINE solutions

Online Solutions

Our reality has changed and Easy Talk has adapted to continue providing you with the best language training solutions:
To learn and improve the English language, you can combine the flexibility of an online course with the dynamism and practice of lessons by video conference.

English International Online Course –B-Learning

Our international online course is completely geared towards each of the different knowledge levels of students, supported by a pedagogical plan specifically designed for Business English and English for everyday life. It has a continuous assessment system that measures the skills acquired by the student from a practical and functional point of view for the professional environment.
It is combined with our videoconference classes, which take place 1 or 2 times a week, where a teacher fosters various conversation activities, introduces new areas, corrects and gives feedback to students, and guides them in their online learning.

Business English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese for Foreigners

Through videoconference classes, our teachers introduce many of fun and appealing activities in order to keep our students focused. With the help of the manual, students participate in the class, read aloud, debate topics and do their homework!

Online Coaching (Individual Lessons)

 For specific areas and/or individual lessons we have the following solutions:
 * TMC Pack - lessons tailored to the needs and objectives of our student, sessions starting from 1 hour.
* Quick Pack - tailored classes with 30-minute sessions, for those who are always in a hurry but still want regular learning.